Stewart Finnie Ltd


The Stewart Finnie Ltd Contract Lifting service is for you if you have a heavy load that needs lifting and transporting but you don't possess all the relevant expertise 'in house' to do it yourselves. Or perhaps you just don't want the responsibility and worry of planning, organising and carrying out what can often be a risky operation. There is a great deal more to lifting and transporting heavy loads than is at first apparent. Our Contract Lifting service guarantees you the peace of mind that you have everything covered, because under this service we take full responsibility for completing the entire process safely, efficiently and within the latest regulations from start to finish.

Our Contract Lifting service means that we will:

  • Use our experience and expertise to assess the work and recommend the best way of meeting your requirements.
  • Provide our own trained ALLMI Appointed Person to produce the necessary 'Method Statement' and 'Risk Assessment' documentation.
  • Appoint all the 'Lifting Operation Team' including the ALLMI qualified operator(s)
  • Organise and control the delivery of equipment to site and the lifting operation.
  • Carry out the work as per British Standard 7121 'Safe use of cranes' and LOLER (Lifting Operation & Lifting Equipment Regulations).
  • We can also supply any 'traffic management' and additional transport as required.

Site Visits

Site visits are included in our Contract Lifting service and carried out by a qualified and experienced assessor. An evaluation will be made of the work required and recommendations made on the best way to meet your needs and the correct equipment/solution to meet your requirements.

Contract lifting method statements

Method Statements

Our Appointed Person supplies a detailed 'Method Statement' for the work. It provides clients with a clear Lift Plan of the load and appropriate mobile crane with details on any obstructions within the lift location boundaries. It will also detail all potential restricted areas and emergency routes to be incorporated within the plan on the day of the lift.


In addition, the Method Statement clearly defines the responsibilities of our personnel whose ALLMI training and industry experience will ensure a timely and professional operation.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Our Appointed Person will provide a clear report based on details of each lift to be undertaken.


Our Appointed Person assesses how lifts are to be performed in a safe manner, including the height of lift is appropriate with the maximum radius for that load and where and how the crane will be supported taking into account the ground condition and potential hazards.

Appointed Persons

Appointed Persons

Our Appointed Person takes responsibility for planning lifts to get the best results for our clients.


An assessment and detailed report on all necessary measures to be taken is provided by the Appointed Person in a 'Lift Plan'. This includes a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) to ensure that the lift will be carried out in accordance with compliances.