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Stewart Finnie Ltd have been handling loads of all sorts of weights, shapes and sizes for more than 11 years. Our expertise, on going training and fleet of specialist Hiab Crane lorries means that we are well placed to carry out the skilled job of lifting, transporting and delivering large, heavy objects accurately without damaging them. We are also able to securely store your load if required, which can be of particular benefit to some customers.

Large Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Large Machinery &
Heavy Equipment

We help manufacturers and engineering firms remove, transport and install heavy machines and equipment throughout factories and other commercial premises all over the UK.


Construction companies, developers and builders use Stewart Finnie Ltd to transport heavy plant and equipment between their projects and sites.

Sculptures, Security Gates and Road Blockers

Sculptures, Gates
& Road Blockers

Stewart Finnie Ltd Hiab Crane lorries are frequently hired to deliver and assist with the installation of heavy security gates and security equipment.


We even facilitate the erection of sculptures and modern art installations for artists, auction houses, exhibitors, local authorities and other organisations.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot Tubs
& Spas

We are being asked to move more and more hot tubs and items of this nature. We are ideally placed to carry out the skilled job of lifting, raising and manoeuvring these large, heavy objects accurately, without causing damage.
In addition we offer the benefit of being able to store hot tubs in our secure sites reducing the pressure to get the job of moving and placing done all on the same day. This is particularly helpful for example, if a garden needs landscaping before installation.

Pianos and Furniture

Trees, Furniture &

Occasionally our expertise is employed to manouevre and transport some less obvious and very diverse loads. This tends to be the case especially where the load itself is fragile or it's environment particularly sensative.


So far such jobs have included large tree trunks from tricky locations, large items of furniture and even a Grand Piano from a fourth storey London apartment!

So if there are similarities between your requirement and any of those mentioned above, do contact us on 01342 714514 or ''. We welcome all enquiries and are happy to give free advice and a quote without obligation, based on our expertise and experience.

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