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At Stewart Finnie Ltd we have been lifting and transporting loads for customers for over 11 years. When you employ our services to move a load - no matter how valuable or unusual it is, you can rely on us to do it efficiently, safely and legally. We say 'legally' because there is more legislation than you probably realise governing how loads should be lifted, moved and transported safely in the UK and Europe. Our expertise and adherence to industry standards and regulations will ensure that your load is lifted and moved safely, without compromising your insurance cover.

In general you have two options if you need a load lifted and moved:

  • To plan and organise the lift and transport yourself, then hire operators to execute your plan for you. As Hiab crane hire operators our Hiab crane lorries can both lift AND transport loads, so our 'Hiab Crane Hire' service explained on this page saves you the hassle of dealing with more than one operator,
  • You can use our services as a specialist operator to plan, organise and carry out all the work for you, which we call our 'Contract Lifting' service.

Our Hiab crane lorries (incl. operators) are available for hire by individuals and organisations that have sufficient knowledge, experience and training in performing lifting operations safely. Should you not have this expertise, or just don't want the worry or responsibility of completing a detailed lifting operation yourself then we recommend our 'Contract Lifting' service as a comprehensive, safe and efficient solution.

The Stewart Finnie Ltd fleet of Hiab crane lorries are very compact for their capacity and are highly manoeuvrable making them ideal for collecing from and delivering to locations with restricted access or difficult terrain, such as inner city sites and even inside buildings. The Hiab cranes are also ideal for lifting heavy loads to significant heights & over long distances as well as positioning and holding heavy items for installation such as timber, steel and concrete joists during construction.

Heavy lifting

Heavy Lifting

Our Hiab fleet includes heavy lifting cranes which are lorry mounted and suitable for lifting and manoeuvring heavy loads at significant heights over long distances.


These versatile Hiabs have fully road-safe telescopic cranes and, for their size, are highly manoeuvrable with the capacity to handle a variety of heavy lifting jobs such as lifting and positioning structural steelwork on site.


Our Hiab cranes can lift a maximum weight of 960kg upto a height of 33 metres.


So contact us to discuss the requirements of your particular job and obtain a no obligation free quote.

Long reach and distance lifting

Long Reach/Distance Lifting

Stewart Finnie Ltd long reach Hiab cranes are ideal for jobs requiring a reach over long distances. In situations where it is not possible to get close to the load to be lifted, manoeuvred or placed our Hiab crane lorries can reach up to 30 metres away lifting a maximum load of 590kg. The lorries can lift even heavier loads if they are able to get closer to them.


Unlike mobile cranes they can do this in tight, confined spaces where there is no access from above. For example we frequently deliver Hot Tubs to the point of installation at residential properties and commercial premises. For free advice on your job and its requirements please contact us for a free quotation.

High lifting

High Lifting

The high lifting capacity of our Hiab crane lorries is equally impressive. Working from the narrowest of streets or most awkward locations they can deliver to site and lift a maximum load of 960kg up to a height of 33 metres.


Developers, builders and construction companies frequently use our Hiab crane lorries to deliver and lift air conditioning systems onto the higher floors and rooftops of their construction projects. Suppliers, installers and private individuals provide another example of how our Hiab services are employed to lift and deliver Hot Tubs over residential houses into their back gardens.


Occasionally we even assist with tree felling in densely built-up areas; lowering safely and in a controlled manor large sections of tall trees to the ground when cut, and then taking them away on the back of our Hiab lorries for processing.

So if you want a heavy or bulky load collected, moved or delivered and it needs lifting or manouevring over a long distance or significant height you've come to the right place!

We welcome all enquiries, so call us on 01342 714514 or e-mail '' for a quote.

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