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In many circumstances Hiab Crane lorry hire is a much better and cheaper solution than hiring a Mobile Crane. If you need to transport a load as well as lift it, one Hiab Crane lorry can often replace both the mobile crane and lorry transport. As long as the weight, height and distance of the lift(s) are within the specification shown in the chart below one of our Hiab Crane lorries can do both the lifting and transporting work saving you the cost and inconvenience of hiring two separate vehicles.

Hiab Crane lorry lifting chart: (click on chart to view)

Hiab Crane lifting chart
Large Machinery and Heavy Equipment


Our Hiab crane lorries lift and manouevre into place construction steelwork such as RSJs, 'A' frames, straight beams, steel crank beams, balconies and fire escape staircases.

Security Gates and Road Blockers

Air Conditioning

The lifting accuracy of our Hiab cranes and operators enables us to lift and position exactly, to the millimetre, individual air conditioning units as well large and bulky components of complete systems.

Hot Tubs and Spas


We make the life of the self-builders much easier by delivering large and heavy components of their builds to site such as roof trusses, as well as lifting them into place.

Moving heavy machinery and equipment

Heavy Machinery
& Equipment

We keep costs down for manufacturers and construction firms by delivering their products to customers as well as moving heavy machinery and equipment between sites. Our jacks, skates and forklift trucks make light work of manoeuvring equipment once on site.

So if you have a load to lift and are considering Mobile Crane hire, call us on 01342 714514 to see how we can save you time and money with our Hiab Crane lorries.

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