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Abnormal Loads, Flatbed, Articulated and Extended Trailers, Low Loaders

Abnormal wide loads

Abnormal Loads

Stewart Finnie Ltd provide high specification specialist transport vehicles, to meet all your needs in the transport of abnormal loads. Our fleet of vehicles can accommodate loads from the unusual to the extraordinary.


Our extensive knowledge and logistics experience will ensure that your abnormal load arrives safely, undamaged and on time. Together with our efficient route planning and scheduling you can also rely on us to keep the costs to a minimum too.

Abnormal long loads

Articulated, Extended & Low Loader Trailers

We use articulated, extendable and low loader trailers with our fleet of vehicles pulled by a variety of tractor units. We can also provide any additional specialist equipment necessary to transport your load securely such as step frame ramps, step frame trombones, etc.


Our work frequently involves transporting heavy engineering machines and equipment.

Appointed Persons

Flatbed Lorries
& Trailers

The Stewart Finnie Ltd fleet also includes a number of flatbed lorries and trailers which can carry loads of all sorts of weights, shapes and sizes.


Our experience and expertise is employed by a wide variety of organisations to handle loads such as aircraft, swimming pools, hot tubs, sculptures, staircases and even balconies.

We love a challenge at Stewart Finnie Ltd. Whatever your haulage requirements we have the right tools for the job as well as the expertise and experience to do it safely and efficiently. So call us on 01342 714514 or e-mail '' for a free quote and to see if we're up to the challenge of your job!

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