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Lift and Carry Bulk Materials, Plant and Equipment

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?


Your suppliers of bulky materials, plant and equipment are happy to deliver your orders to site, but not to where you really need them on site. So no matter whether you are a large developer, builder or contractor you are faced with paying high labour costs to break down and move these deliveries to where you actually need to use them.


If this situation does apply to you or your organisation then our new tracked carrier, also known as a 'Hooka' is the answer! Call us on 01342 714514 for more information.

Tracked carrier hire Hooker hire

Hooka Hire

Tracked carriers are a recent innovation and as with most market leading technologies, they are expensive to acquire.


However heavy plant, equipment and materials handling is in our DNA and so we have invested in this new equipment to bring it's benefits to our customers for a small fraction of the cost.


So why not contact us for our 'Hooka Hire' rates and find out just how much you could save on your labour costs and other equipment hire charges.


Heavy Materials Handling

Heavy Materials Handling

With our 'Hooka' tracked carrier you can save a fortune in labour costs. Instead of barrowing aggregates, bricks and blocks or winching and dollying heavy equipment across site, the 'Hooka' can pick up, carry and deliver bulk materials (including on pallets and in 1 tonne bags), plant and equipment (up to 1.5 tonnes) from the roadside into the heart of any site.


'Hooka' also enables spoil and other waste materials to be stored in 1 tonne bags around site. These can then be moved to the roadside at the time of waste collection – thereby removing the need for skips with their costly council permits.

Confined Spaces Handling

Confined Spaces Handling

Sites with restricted access and confined spaces are not a problem for our 'Hooka' tracked carrier!


At only 1.0m wide and just under 2.5m long the 'Hooka' can collect and deliver loads to and from locations with very restricted access. Highly manoeuvrable and with it's ability to turn on the spot the 'Hooka' can even handle heavy materials, plant and equipment in confined spaces.


The Hooka's 1.8 tonne kerb weight (when empty) and tracked base ensures excellent stability. It's very low 'point loading' pressure even minimises ground damage.